Monday, May 9, 2011

Indianapolis Indians at Durham Bulls

The Rays and Indians AAA affiliates played a throwback game, as mentioned at, as the Bulls played their second game in as many years at their old stadium across town that they played in from 1926-1994. I'm not sure if a train runs through the outfield like in the movie Brewster's Millions' or not. (Edit: Oh, wait, that was the Hackensack Bulls, it was that other movie that was about the Durham Bulls.)

Article at, although no mention of throwback uniforms, just that the Bulls are playing in the old ballpark.

Brandon Guyer, who was called up by the Rays and hit a HR in his first at bat Saturday in Baltimore and then was sent right back down, played for the Bulls.

Clay Aiken sang the national anthem, not pictured. [OK, it's pictured now :( ]

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