Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Welcome to "The Throwback Report"

Well after one day of messing around with this, I decided to "kick it up a few notches" and take it "to the next level."

Here I will attempt to chronicle all throwbacks uniform appearances in the MLB and NFL, and maybe anywhere else as well. This website will be focused on throwbacks (and anything else I feel like putting here). For more detailed daily analysis of uniform aesthetics, check out the Uniwatch Blog.

If you know of a 'throwback' game I am missing, click the submit link at the right and tell me all about it, and I will try to add it as soon as I can. Keep in mind that I have only scratched the surface so far, there are many games I am ready to add, I just haven't gotten around to getting them all up here yet.

As you can see I kept my original graphics, but I redesigned the banner in the style of the UniWatch Blog, and I used Craig Robinson's favorite font, Gill Sans, as a nod to his "flip flop flyball" infographics site.

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